Superfit<sup>®</sup> children’s shoes

Superfit® children’s shoes

Superfit takes responsibility for children’s feet and their healthy development.

We are the market leader in the European children’s shoe sector, and we can draw on 70 years of experience in the development and production of all varieties of children’s shoes. Our success is rooted in the fact that our children’s shoes are just that: shoes that are specially developed for children. Our shoes are sold in over 45 countries. Which is why we have such high standards for our children’s shoes.

Children’s shoes from Superfit – a perfect fit and superior quality combined with modern design

The development of our shoes centres around a perfect fit, quality, and the willingness to try new things. Naturally, we also place a great deal of emphasis on fashion and design for little boys and girls. The shoe designers at our headquarters in Graz, Austria, constantly strive to find new combinations of colour, shape, and details in order to create exciting shoes. This is how we live up to our slogan – “Big responsibility for your feet”. Because children deserve to have superior quality and an exacting attention to detail.    

Children’s shoes have to support little feet to grow in a healthy way. That’s why our shoes are based on orthopaedic shoe expertise and were originally developed 40 years ago together with paediatricians – in order to optimally design them for children’s feet. Since then, we have remained on the cutting edge, and for each new collection our product managers and designers adapt our children’s shoes based on the latest scientific findings in cooperation with physicians and experts. 

Top quality for children’s demanding feet

In 2011, we put our shoes to the test in a doctors’ survey: 342 physicians and orthopaedists from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland put our shoes through their paces. The result? Superfit received top marks with a score of 98% (on a rating scale of good-moderate-bad). We see this as confirmation of our high standard of quality. 

But what exactly makes for a high-quality children’s shoe? A light sole, a soft, flexible toe area that allows for walking and running from the heel to the toe, breathable materials, and precise workmanship.

We also work closely with GORE-TEX, so several of our models are waterproof. At Superfit, people are the focus of all activities. So our shoes were specially designed for active kids, because they need comfortable, sturdy shoes more than anyone. What could be better than sporty children’s shoes that are comfortable to wear for everyday use?

From first walkers to sneakers – our models for boys and girls

Our collections include all of the essential models for boys and girls. Whether you’re looking for sneakers, first walkers, children’s house shoes, ballerina flats, low shoes, or sandals – there’s something for everyone. As a family company, we place special emphasis on ensuring that babies, kids, and teens have proper footwear and that they always enjoy wearing our shoes. Which is why we only offer shoes with high-quality design, fashionable colours, premium materials, and maximum comfort. Although we always use trendy patterns and cool appliqué elements, our shoes are amazingly durable and perfect for running around and having fun. We hope that you love the child-friendly design of our shoes just as much as we do. 

Modern children’s shoes – and lots of advice for parents

If you have any questions about our shoes, we offer a helpful guide on our web site. Otherwise, don’t wait any longer and visit our collection page, which offers a great selection of our current models and a diverse line-up of modern children’s shoes. They match a wide range of outfits and are sure to make your child’s little feet happy time and time again.

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