GORE-TEX lining

GORE-TEX lining

GORE-TEX is an ideal material for children’s shoes. When incorporated between the upper and the lining, it offers excellent properties: Even if kids jump in puddles, play in the snow or walk in the rain, their feet stay dry and comfortable.

GORE-TEX is waterproof and windproof, but it allows steam (body moisture) to escape so it is breathable. The GORE-TEX membrane contains microscopic pores that are 20,000 times smaller than water drops but 700 times larger than steam molecules. This means that water from outside cannot get in, but the moisture from the feet can escape easily through the pores. This is the major advantage over wellies, which are undeniably waterproof: GORE-TEX shoes regulate temperature and wick away moisture, so children can enjoy a pleasant, dry feeling inside their shoes. Just like Superfit, GORE-TEX performs regular quality controls. Shoes that are equipped with GORE-TEX are just as well suited for daily use as they are for walks, travel and visits to the playground. 

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